FL/GA/NC/TN/DC December 2021

Picture us on a screen, fade out on us being happy on Christmas eve, and me yelling at myself on the screen, “don’t go back!” As I go back.

FL/NV/AZ/DC/MD November 2021

I am sure the start of the holidays is hard for most people, but there’s something about the cold that creeps into me, even when running away to Florida.

LV/NC/DC October 2021

It is easy to make fun of someone, it is hard to make fun of someone and not have them hate you.

NC/TN September 2021

I can’t lie, it made my night, it might’ve been one of the best things I’ve seen in comedy; not the lady yelling at him, but him attempting to do a bit about jerking off in your own face while trying not to cry about what just happened.

Las Vegas September 2021

I’m just a girl who wasn’t happy with the hand she was dealt and decided to stop playing the game.

Las Vegas August 2021

Mike and I took an impromptu trip to LA so I could meet his agent, I never did, which I joke is the authentic LA experience.

LV/LA July 2021

LA is a strange place where every time I told someone I was a comedian they would say, “me too.”

Touring Accompanied July 2021

So in hindsight, the booker probably thought all females were vulgar and I should’ve dived with dad jokes instead of thrive on anal.